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Laura Goodson


Laura Goodson was raised in Southwest Texas not far from the Mexico border and now hangs her hat in Denver Colorado.


She began painting to capture the heart of her partner and continues to paint to liberate her soul. Laura Goodson’s work is a modern representation of americana/western figures of the past and occasionally their unforgiving landscapes.


Her work is dominated by bold, hat wearing cowboys, bandits and outlaws.​​ She lets the depth of her characters and their journey come through single brush strokes and hard shadowing to emphasize physical pain and grit endured by emotional discourse and hardship.


​Laura’s work is monochrome; she allows the lack of color to represent a world beyond our vision. Within Laura's work a common masculine theme can be discovered but more notable is the story behind the man in hat the story she shares 2 dimensionally through layers of loss and the power of resilience.


Her life and her art is driven by the power of love and the creative liberation it has

provided her.

Laura's collections consists of originals, prints, commissions, murals, and merch

She has corporate + nonprofit packages for live paintings and employee gifting

Media and brand collaborations

Shop-able Airbnb in the Texas Hill Country. 


To learn more go to her website or contact us. 


"I am actively and aggressively committed to helping those underrepresented and fighting for equality and inclusion. As a lesbian woman who has been told to be quiet, to stand down in life and in business and as such hide who I was most of my life. I feel it is my biggest purpose to help others in my community out of the shadows of hiding and to not hear words that would make someone want to erase themselves: in business, in art, and in life. In doing so, I work extra hard to fight to eliminate stigma’s around mental health and the repercussions of continued discrimination felt by the LGBTQ+ community. I work diligently to include and advocate for those around me while trailblazing in spaces that have been traditionally male dominated."

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